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Spring Yard Clean Up Rogers, MN

A typical Minnesota winter generally brings multiple months of bitter cold and snow, once that snow melts, most lawns look pretty bleak and are in need of help. The work done to your yard in the spring sets the tone for the overall health your turf throughout the growing season. The grass needs to cleaned and stimulated to begin a healthy growing process. Debris such as leaves and sticks that have accumulated over the winter months must be removed to allow the turf and landscape areas to get access to sunlight, air and water. Our highly trained crews always look forward to the warm early spring days spent sprucing up lawns to prepare them to look amazing throughout the next several months. Schedule your spring clean up today by requesting a quote or calling: (763) 600-8887.

A Typical Rogers, MN Spring Lawn Clean Up Includes:

Lawn Dethatching Services in Rogers, MN

When thatch (a layer of dead grass and other debris) builds up, especially after a long winter with a heavy snowpack, this can impede turf growth. Removing thatch through the process of dethatching (also called power raking) is the best method to “open up” your lawn in the spring.

The ideal time to dethatch your yard is early spring, often combined with a spring clean up. To maximize the effectiveness of your spring clean up and lawn dethatching, many customers will follow up with a core aeration then the first fertilizing application of the year shortly after the clean up and dethatching is complete.

Lawn Dethatching in Rogers MN

Our Yard Dethatching Process

We typically equip our commercial grade lawn mowers with a thatching rake, also referred to as a tine rake, which a sharp tined rake that digs the thatch out of the lawn.

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